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Digital Society School

A forward-thinking community
We are a diverse group of learners, thinkers and doers that shape tomorrow’s society through digital technology, using human-centered design approaches. We think big, start small and are explicitly open, placing our findings at the world’s disposal.
We believe that our digitally fuelled future can -and should- be inclusive, intelligent and involve us all. We invite students and professionals from creative industries to join us on our mission.

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Website: http://www.digitalsocietyschool.org | Contactpersoon: Pavel van Deutekom | Email: p.van.deutekom@hva.nl

Type vacature(s): Stage, Afstudeerstage
Periode: 03-09-2018 to 31-01-2019
Project: Physical health with smart playful objects.
Intern at DSS
An internship at the DSS will open up a world of opportunities. You’ll be part of a vibrant interdisciplinary and international team for a semester and have unique access to a network of experts in the field. On top of that we offer a monthly stipend of 350 Euro
plus workshops, masterclasses and personal coaching (estimated value: 1600 Euro) to get you ready for the next step in your career.

The importance of Data in our society is growing. While the number of data initiatives and the amount of data produced increases, the meaning or purpose of this data is not always clear. We see a need to give meaning and purpose to this data. In this Track we will experiment, research and prototype new ways of using data for positive change in society.

SDG: 3. Good health.
Contribute to vitality. Games and toys are used more and more in health; for therapy and medical examination. How can patients improve their vitality with smart tangible toys, inviting to move? How can playfication of health stimulate physical sense of presence? Do patients who need to stay at home benefit from this developments? You and your team mates will talk to patients and research play theory. You will prototype smart playful objects to be used in medical settings.
Wanted: # Physiotherapists, # Experience designers, # Behavioural scientists, # Game and play designers, # Product designers

Internship Positions
(3rd year student or graduate)
How can you design for society? In this Track we will use a user-centered design approach. You will be working closely with different stakeholders and together you will come up with tools, methods and solutions for a societal challenge. Together with the city and its citizens we will design for societal impact to create solutions for the society of tomorrow.
How can we create meaningful insights from data? What will bring us from data to insights? We’re looking for programmers who are familiar with data, and are willing to use state-of-the-art data analytics methods to provide meaning and insights. You will use powerful techniques such as deep-learning algorithms and you will work on visualizations of these datasets. You will use techniques such as R and D3 to create dashboards.
How can we use data to in societal transformations? We are looking for a passionate researcher who is willing to work in a interdisciplinary team on this research question. You will do applied research and study the latest digital trends and developments as you apply them to your project. As a researcher you will translate theoretical frameworks to applicable prototypes and test them in real life situations.

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