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We design, produce and sell our collection of quality flat pack furniture in our concept store in the Westerstraat, Amsterdam. We use a single material (birch plywood with HPL top layers) and a single machine (a CNC router table) to create our flat pack pieces that can be assembled without the use of screws, nails or glue.

We aim to create a special bond between our customers and our pieces by offering them the opportunity to see how their piece is made by installing a CNC router table in a sound proof workshop on the shop floor.

The CNC machine cuts the individual parts out of the calibrated base sheets, we sand and edge them by hand before oiling all cutting surfaces for a premium finish. We sell directly to consumers through our store and our online shop and have a (very limited) number of resellers like the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam.

All design is done in-house, within a conceptual set of parameters: no glue-no screws flat pack construction, maximum sheet-efficiency and ship-ability.

KILO is Dutch design, made locally.

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Website: http://www.kilo.amsterdam | Contactpersoon: Peter Smit | Email: peter@kilo.amsterdam

Type vacature(s): Stage, Afstudeerstage
Periode: in samenspraak
We are looking for interns that are interested in a wide spectrum of tasks & responsibility’s. We view interns as full-fledged members of the team and offer them the opportunity to be involved in all aspects of our business. From design and prototyping to production, packing & shipping to marketing and sales, you’ll be assisting us every step of the way and we’ll offer you the chance to pick your areas of interest and go more in-depth.
In return we expect highly motivated and interested students that are not afraid to take responsibility and can roll up their sleeves when necessary. You’ll be working in a very international environment, speaking English is required, other languages a plus.
Interested? Drop us a line to discuss the opportunities for an internship at KILO!

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