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SLIMDESIGN develops intelligent Internet-of-Things products and smart mechanics while using a lean, integrated development process and minimal overhead. Our aim is to simplify the products we design, to their bare essentials. We work for clients like Nike, Philips, Panasonic, Siemens, Dyson, Fujitsu etc. Dit bedrijf is gecategoriseerd onder: Ontwerpbureau Website: http://www.slimdesign.com | Contactpersoon: Wouter Konings | Email: w.konings@slimdesign.com Vacature Type vacature(s): Stage Periode: Internship Product Design see website www.slimdesign.com

Studio Sophisti

With interactive product design we mean connecting physical objects with digital media by combining materials, electronics and software. This could result in an app-enhanced toy or an internet controlled lamp. An interactive product can be a lot of things but our approach is often the same. We innovate on your need using idea generation and conceptualisation. Concepts mature by using different design and engineering skills resulting in a prototype. After …Read More


About the design studio FLIP ZIEDSES DES PLANTES product design is a small, Amsterdam based design studio directed by Flip Ziedses Des Plantes. The studio offers complete product design, engineering and production support to take products all the way from concept to manufacture. FZDP designs and develops original, qualitative products for innovative companies . FZDP believes that only original designs with a distinctive identity and clear functionality can make a difference …Read More


Hi, we’re Melt! We make ice pops in virtually any shape you can imagine. Our ice pops taste like real food because we use real ingredients – no artificial additives. We are working hard to make food more exciting. We believe that eating should be a fun experience and that mass products can be unique and surprising. Our mission is to challenge the traditional food production industry, creating innovative products …Read More